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Which port is suitable for the external capture card for live game broadcasting?

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Update time : 2023-06-17 10:48:45
  For PS4 game live broadcast, it is best to choose a video capture card that can support high-definition. However, due to insufficient bandwidth (about 20MB/s) of the ordinary USB2.0 version, it may cause certain video freezes and other phenomena. So when choosing, you can consider choosing USB3.0 (with a bandwidth of 360MB/s). For the PS4, the high-definition HDMI interface is used. Then you need to use a capture card with HDMI interface.

  This is an external video capture card specially designed and developed for video information recording of various high-definition devices such as game live broadcast and medical video recording. Compared with the previous built-in capture card, the difference is that this capture card makes full use of the characteristics of USB3.0, such as hot-swappable, high-speed bandwidth, and convenient use, so that it can achieve good portability and easy use .
  With HDMI/SDI two high-definition video input interfaces, it is convenient for you to connect to any video equipment with HDMI and SDI output interfaces. And this capture card is uncompressed transmission, which leads to video loss, so you can also use uncompressed AVI recording directly. At the same time, it can be easily connected to any live broadcast software platform, such as Douyu, LeTV Live, EDUIS. The effect is also very good.
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