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What does the USB4 host architecture consist of?

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Update time : 2024-03-18 10:45:47
  1. Data selector: The trapezoid icon in the figure represents the data selector, which is a structure that allows you to select which data channel to use.
  2. Enhanced Overspeed Host: The enhanced Overspeed Host is a component responsible for receiving and sending USB Overspeed data (USB 3.2 data).
  3. USB 2.0 host: USB 2.0 host is a component responsible for receiving and sending USB 2.0 data.
  4. DisplayPort transmission source: DisplayPort transmission source is used to provide DisplayPort video signal data.
  5. PCIe controller: The PCI controller is used to select the PCIe downstream port adapter that initiates communication each time.
  6. Host protocol adapter: Two USB3 downstream port adapters, two PCIe downstream port adapters, a DisplayPort input adapter and a host interface adapter are all protocol adapters. The USB3 downstream port adapter and PCIe downstream port adapter respectively convert and integrate the USB3 data and PCIe data from the initiator into USB4 data form in a certain way. The DisplayPort input adapter converts the DisplayPort source data into USB4 data form and passes it to the USB4 port. Host interface adapter is used for protocol conversion between USB4 hosts.
USB4 host
  Two USB3 and PCIe downstream port adapters respectively transmit data from two USB4 ports. A DisplayPort input adapter can transmit data on one of the USB ports or on both USB4 ports at the same time, depending on the detected device.
  1. Host router: The host router transmits USB4 data packets. Time is also distributed and synchronized through the time management unit.
  2. TMU: The time management unit (TMU) is a functional module of each router and is used to allocate and synchronize the time for the router to transmit data.
  3. USB port: The USB4 port has two channels. A sent differential signal and a received differential signal form a channel. Each channel has a channel adapter. Using one channel to transmit data is called single-channel mode, and using two channels to transmit data is called dual-channel mode.