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Best value 40Gbps USB4 dock - Plugable USB4 Dual HDMI Docking Station

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Update time : 2023-08-25 14:08:16
  One upstream USB4 port (40Gbps, 100W)
  Two HDMI 2.1 video ports
  Two USB-A ports (10Gbps)
  One USB-A port (5Gbps)
  One USB-C port (10Gbps, 20W)
  2.5Gb Gigabit Ethernet
  UHS-II SD card reader (312MBps)
  UHS-II MicroSD card reader (312MBps)
  3.5mm combo audio jack (front)
  170W power supply
USB4 docking station
  Although it’s not full Thunderbolt and lacks any downstream 40Gbps ports, the Plugable US-4VPD is a great-value USB4 docking station that offers both 40Gbps upstream data and 100W power to the host, plus some seriously top-end features.
  USB4 and Thunderbolt 4 are functionally equivalent, but a laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 connection probably won’t work with this dock and it’s not recommended to work with Macs. That market should look at the Thunderbolt 4 docks reviewed here.
  One market that will sit up and take notice is the gaming community, who will appreciate the opportunity to connect two external 4K displays at a speedy 120Hz refresh rate—a big step up on most other docks tested here. Alternatively, you can connect one monitor at 8K 60Hz. 3D artists and video professionals will also enjoy the higher display ratings.
  That aside, the US-4VPD is a tempting offer, with 2.5Gb Ethernet future-proofing for fast wired network access as it becomes more mainstream.
  We would have preferred to swap one of the USB-A ports for a second USB-C, but appreciate the powerful 20W charging capability of that USB-C—enough to fast-charge a phone or other smaller device.
  the SD and MicroSD card readers are also top-spec, and the 170W power supply is impressive.
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