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2 channel modes of USB4 system architecture adapter

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Update time : 2024-03-20 09:53:44
  There is one channel adapter for each channel of the USB4 port. According to the definition of USB4, there are two channel adapters, namely channel 0 adapter and channel 1 adapter, written as Lane 0 adapter and Lane 1 adapter. Using only one channel is called single-channel mode, and using two channels is called dual-channel mode.
  In single-channel mode, only one channel is used and the other channel is disabled.
USB4 adapter
  Dual-channel mode uses two channels. Among them, DFP (full name Downstream Facing Port) represents the downlink port, which is used by default to connect to external devices on a host interface or hub and supports data. UFP (full name Upstream Facing Port) represents the upstream port, which is used by default to connect to external devices or hubs. The host's interface.
USB4 adapter
  The main communication channel of the USB4 system structure is the USB4 link between the two USB4 ports. USB4 links carry packets of tunneling protocol traffic (amount of data per unit time) and management traffic between routers. The USB4 port's sideband data channel is used to initialize and manage the USB4 link between USB4 ports.
  USB Type-C port that supports USB4, its complete interface includes USB4 port, USB 2.0 data and USB Type-C configuration channels (CC1 and CC2) and power/ground (VBUS, VCONN and GND).