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Types of USB Type-C Converters

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Update time : 2023-08-26 11:05:34
  In addition to the transmission speed and charging speed of the USB Type-C converter being twice that of the Micro USB connector, the structure is also very different. The Micro USB connector is designed with a narrow top and a wide bottom; while USB Type-C has no specific direction, and can be plugged and played regardless of the front or back. There are roughly four types of converters of this type.
  1. USB hub
  The most common one is the USB hub (USB hub), because electronic devices that use USB Type-C are usually known for saving power and being easy to carry, so it is not uncommon to have only one connection port. It is also because of this that users often face the problem of insufficient connection ports, which leads to the situation that the extension work cannot be completed in time, or the scheduled schedule is delayed.
USB hub
  This is where the hub comes in handy. Its connection port can not only increase the USB Type-C interface, but many products will also have the old-style USB port or SD memory card interface at the same time. What's even better is that there are also products on the market that integrate network cables, video output cables, memory card slots, and USB slots.
  2. Adapter
  The adapter is a product used to transfer USB-A (old model) to USB Type-C hole, and there are other styles such as converting Micro USB to USB Type-C.
USB hub
  You only need to buy adapters instead of buying special USB Type-C equipment for electronic devices, which can greatly reduce costs. If most of the devices at hand are equipped with old-style USB, it is more economical to recommend this type of product. Furthermore, most adapters are small and easy to carry, and won't take up too much space in a purse, pocket, or carry-on bag.
  3. VGA converter
  When projecting images to an external display screen, special connection terminals are usually required, such as DVI, HDMI and so on. But if there is a USB Type-C converter, video output can be achieved even without the above accessories. Although this type of converter is rarely used on mobile phones, considering the recent increase in notebook computers using USB Type-C ports, if there is an image output converter, it will be much easier to report or project outside. It is suitable for business people who often need to hold meetings.
VGA converter
  Video output converters are divided into terminals with only video output function, and types with multiple functions (USB port, SD memory card connector, etc.). Although the latter has more functions, its price is relatively higher. If you only need to transmit images, the single-function model is enough.
  4. USB card reader
  This type of card reader is suitable for holders of digital cameras or photographers. Generally, digital cameras use SD memory cards to store photos and videos, and such tools can be used to input images into computers or mobile phones. Although some mobile devices are equipped with SD card slots, some laptops are not equipped due to different specifications.
VGA converter
  In addition, mobile phones using microSD cards are also suitable for this type of card reader. Currently, devices with USB Type-C ports do not usually have SD card slots, so card readers are even more important. However, this product will also vary depending on the type of memory card that can be used, such as microSD card, CF card, etc. It is recommended to choose the product that matches your needs.