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Top ten brands of USB hubs

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Update time : 2023-07-25 10:01:06
  Top ten brands of USB hubs: Greenlink, Lenovo, Acer, ORICO, Pisen, Philps, Newman, Shanze, Biaz, Baseus.
  USB3.0 splitter docking station, high-speed 4-port hub HUB docking station, suitable for notebook computers, one-to-one multi-converter adapter, Type-C power supply port, 0.15 meters.
  2. Lenovo
  USB3.0 docking station to Gigabit Ethernet port to RJ45 wired network card adapter notebook computer USB splitter Xiaoxin rescuer four-in-one expansion dock converter.
  3. Acer
  (acer) type-c/usb3.0 splitter, high-speed four-port expansion dock HUB hub, notebook desktop computer mobile phone expander aluminum alloy converter adapter.
  4. Newman
  usb splitter 3.0 high-speed 7-port HUB hub notebook desktop computer one drag seven usb docking station extension cable converter about 1m.
 USB hubs
  5. Philps
  USB splitter 3.0, one for seven high-speed expansion laptop keyboard and mouse, 7-port HUB hub with 12V2A power adapter. 6. ORICO USB splitter 3.2Gen2 docking station expansion 3.1 hub desktop notebook adapter hub converter aluminum alloy high-speed extension cable M3CU2-G2.
  usb splitter 2.0 high-speed 4-port HUB hub notebook desktop computer one for four usb docking station extension cable converter about 1 meter black.
  8. Pisen
  USB3.0 splitter, one-to-four USB high-speed docking station extension cable interface converter, notebook desktop computer keyboard mouse HUB hub four-in-one 0.2m.
 USB hubs
  9. Biaze
  The USB3.0 splitter docking station is a high-speed 4-port hub HUB docking station with a power port, which is suitable for laptops and desktop computers.
  10. Baseus
  Type-C docking station 3.0 high-speed docking station four-port hub hub is suitable for Apple MacBook notebook computer docking station type-c extension cable converter adapter.
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