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Who are the USB hub manufacturers?

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Update time : 2024-01-19 10:35:46
  A USB hub, also called USBHub, is a device that can expand one USB interface to multiple (usually 4) and enable these interfaces to be used at the same time. USB is called Universal Serial Interface, and Hub is what everyone often calls a hub. It uses a star topology to connect multiple USB interface devices and is often used in various digital products. So what are the quality USB hub manufacturers on the market today?
USB hub manufacturers
  Top ten USB hub brands ranking list
  1. SSK
  Shenzhen Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of card reader-U disk, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen, a leading brand in domestic card reader market sales, a well-known domestic consumer electronics brand, with R&D, manufacturing and sales A large high-tech enterprise whose main industry is consumer digital products.
  2. PISEN
  Guangdong Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand of mobile power supplies, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, and a well-known enterprise in the domestic digital 3C accessories industry. It is an O2O Internet company focusing on mobile power supplies, digital 3C accessories, cloud routing, smart hardware and other smart mobile peripherals.
  3. ORICO
  Shenzhen Yuanchuang Times Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand of chargers, a professional provider of digital peripheral accessories, and an enterprise dedicated to the R&D, design and manufacturing of 3C digital peripheral products.
  Shenzhen UGREEN GROUP LTD is a national high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales of digital accessories, charging equipment and other products. Taking the pursuit of user experience as its starting point, the company has produced a series of excellent products with unique Green Link style. The products are endorsed and marketed in most countries and regions under the "UGREEN" brand, and have accumulated a good reputation in Asian, European and American markets.
  5. Belkin
  Belkin Corporation is a global leader in peripheral products, providing innovative connectivity technologies to users of computer, digital and mobile products. Belkin has the most comprehensive range of IT peripheral accessories, including broadband networking, KVM, cables, surge patch panels and UPS. It is also committed to using the most advanced USB, Firewire?® and Bluetooth™ technologies for mobile phones, PDAs, iPod™ and other mobile devices provide connectivity solutions.
  6. ECOLA
  Ikelai (Shanghai) Computer Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of LCD cleaning kit-mouse pad, a leading domestic computer peripheral product brand, a leading newcomer in the IT peripheral industry, a professional computer peripheral product provider, providing innovation for computer, digital and mobile products Value-added auxiliary peripheral products.
  7. CE-LINK
  Shenzhen Wanka Technology Co., Ltd., CE-LINK, is a well-known brand of data cables. It is a company specializing in the production and sales of Cable ASS'Y, PC peripheral components and HDMI series products. It enjoys a good reputation in the AV field.
  Shenzhen Ruixun Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., YOOBAO, is a well-known (famous) mobile power brand, a leading brand in the fields of communications, digital, and IT accessories. It is one of the earliest domestic brands focusing on PDA series batteries, specializing in PDA, mobile phones, and digital products. An innovative technology enterprise that develops series batteries.
  9. Sanwa
  Shanye (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of LCD cleaning kits, was founded in 1923. It is a famous Japanese computer accessories brand and a world-renowned brand computer peripheral equipment provider. It is a professional company integrating the development, manufacturing and sales of computer peripheral products.
  10. UNITEK
  Shenzhen Kesheng Computer Technology Co., Ltd., the superior UNITEK, focuses on the research and development, production and sales of computer peripheral products such as card readers/HDMI cables. It has more than hundreds of core dealers in IT distribution channels across the country.