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Type C Thunderbolt HUB HD Smart Converter Plug and play, convenient and efficient

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Update time : 2024-01-12 11:05:47
  The metal body of the Type C Thunderbolt HUB HD smart converter is made of anodized aluminum base material, which has outstanding pressure resistance and wear resistance. It is 96.5mm long and 22.5mm wide. The body is thin and light, easy to carry, and can be used in many types of applications when connected to a MacBook. The peripherals can be connected at the same time. The product is equipped with dual Type-C male connectors. After connecting the device, the operating voltage is DC 5V-20V, the static power consumption is less than 5V 180mA, the operating current is 220~3000mA, and the product output interface has a total of two Type-C female connectors. , one HDMI interface and two USB3.0 interfaces in total. Type-C 1 supports Thunderbolt3 (40Gbps), supports 5k@60HD video output, supports HDMIUSB3.0, and Type-C PD input supports 5V9 V 14.5 V 20 V 3A (MAX).
Type C Thunderbolt HUB
  The Type C Thunderbolt HUB HD smart converter is not only suitable for Apple MacBooks, but the Type-C five-in-one docking station can be used with many trendy Type-C interface laptops and mobile phones on the market. It can be connected to USB flash drives, projectors, mice, keyboards, mobile hard drives, etc. at the same time during use, perfectly avoiding the problem of repeated plugging and unplugging of peripherals from the interface, improving the durability of the original interface, and expanding the functionality of the notebook computer.
Type C Thunderbolt HUB
  Type C Thunderbolt HUB HD smart converter has a standard USB3.0 theoretical transfer rate of up to 5Gbps. A 100M file can be completed in about 4 seconds. It supports Thunderbolt 3 (Tunderbolt3) 40Gbps lossless transmission. 1G large files can be easily transferred in seconds, whether it is video transmission or Large-volume ppt transmission is efficient and convenient, improving office efficiency. HDMI image output, the clarity and quality are pleasing to the eye.