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3 Docking Stations for Macbooks

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Update time : 2023-08-21 14:07:22
  1. Baseus Metal Twilight 4-in-1 Expansion Dock
Thunderbolt docking station
  The advantage of this expansion dock lies in the combination of multiple different interface types. The four interface types are:
  HDMI interface: support 4K 30Hz resolution
  USB interface: USB3.0+USB2.0 interface, the maximum transmission rate of USB3.0 interface is 500MB/s
  PD interface: support fast charge, maximum power 100W
  100M network port: support network cable direct connection
  Baseus also combines the four interface types in different proportions to meet more diverse needs:
  E-sports model: USB3.0 interface*4, keyboard, mouse, speakers, those who like to play games, this can form a more atmospheric "e-sports arena" with the notebook.
  Hybrid model: HDMI+PD+USB interface, office screen projection, expansion interface, power supply, this one is good.
  Network cable model: USB+100M network port, thin and light laptops are connected with network cables & peripheral connections, this can meet the embarrassment of interface castration and insufficient interfaces of thin and light laptops.
  The configuration of this docking station interface is not weak. The fast charging interface supports BC1.2 fast charging protocol, and the maximum output power for the notebook can reach 100W. If you don’t remember to bring a notebook power supply when you are on a business trip, you can use it with a suitable charger & data cable. It is used as a temporary laptop power supply.
  This docking station has built-in double circuit protection, over-current or short-circuited circuit, this docking station can automatically identify and then control the current output, and then protect the motherboard from the instantaneous high voltage breakdown of the motherboard due to over-current, short-circuit, safe and not hurt machine.
  2. Belkin 6-in-1 multi-function docking station
Thunderbolt docking station
  The interface configuration of this product is higher. In addition to the conventional USB interface, HDMI interface and network interface, it also adds a USB-C interface and SD card slot, which is more applicable.
  The bright spot is that it comes standard with a Gigabit network interface, which can adapt to a 100/1000M network, and then maximize its network output as much as possible.
  To put it bluntly, this network segment interface is backward compatible with the home network, and it can play the "download speed" that the home network should have for most of the network.
  This docking station also supports PD fast charging, but the maximum power is only 60W, which is basically impossible for high-power gaming laptops.
  However, its heat dissipation is not bad. It has the same metal casing as Baseus, and all the interfaces are used at the same time. Its outer casing is still in a stable state, because high temperature factors rarely affect performance.
Thunderbolt docking station
  This docking station product is compatible with mainstream notebook systems, driver-free, plug-and-play; built-in HP Sure Start secure boot technology inside the docking station, the U disk given by colleagues and customers, this technology can prevent unknown Trojan horses in the U disk Files invade the computer from the docking station.
  Both the DP interface and the HDMI interface support ultra-clear output of 4K quality. The Thunderbolt 4 interface supports up to 4 devices connected at the same time. For engineers or code farmers, this can multi-task and multi-thread processing tasks, and the work can suddenly become a very immersive one. style of enjoyment.
  Moreover, this Thunderbolt 4 interface has a fast transmission rate, and the capabilities of video transmission and data transmission have also been greatly improved. For photographers, editors, and graphic designers, this interface can satisfy long-term high-speed data transmission.