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Kensington Debuts Next-Generation Thunderbolt™ 5 Dock

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Update time : 2024-03-04 09:58:51
  Kensington announced the SD5000T5 Thunderbolt™ 5 Dock, a next-generation dock that will support throughput speeds up to 120Gbps, three times the speed of Thunderbolt™ 4. The SD5000T5 will deliver up to 140W of power delivery, exceeding the 100W power delivery capability that is commonly available in current docking stations. The dock will also support up to two external monitors at 8K @ 60Hz to provide a future-proof solution for multiple monitor setups.
  "With the modern workforce becoming increasingly mobile, laptops have become more capable and powerful enabling them to serve as the primary computing platforms for everything from everyday office work to advanced applications such as video production, graphic design, and engineering," explained Lisa Schuiteboer Shuler, Manager of Product Marketing, Global Marketing at Kensington. "These new solutions take docking technology to the next level, enabling users to unlock the full potential of their current or legacy laptops to work more efficiently and effectively."
Thunderbolt™ 5 Dock
  "Building upon the base of Thunderbolt 4, the leading connectivity solution for mobile PCs, Thunderbolt 5 will deliver significant improvements in connectivity speed, bandwidth and capability for the most demanding users," explained Jason Ziller, general manager of the Client Connectivity Division at Intel. "We’re excited to collaborate with Kensington at CES to introduce the industry to the next generation of Thunderbolt technology."
  The Kensington SD4880P USB-C® 10Gbps Quad Video 17-in-1 Driverless Dock (K34113NA), SD4781P USB-C® & USB-A Dual 4K Docking Station (K33603EU), and SD4782P USB-C® & USB-A Dual 4K Docking Station with 100W Power Splitter (K33650NA) are covered by three-year limited warranties and professional support and will be available in Q1 2024 in North America through Amazon. The SD5000T5 Thunderbolt™ 5 Dock is scheduled for availability in 2H 2024.