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Thunderbolt5 FAQ

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Update time : 2024-03-05 09:48:29
  Thunderbolt5 FAQ
  1、Is Thunderbolt 5 the same as USB-C?
  No, Thunderbolt 5 is not the same as USB-C. It simply uses the USB-C connector to offer additional capabilities like increased data transfer speeds.
  2、Can I use a USB-C cable for Thunderbolt 5?
  No, you cannot use any regular USB-C cable for Thunderbolt 5. You’ll need a specific Thunderbolt 5-capable connector, typically marked with a lightning symbol.
  3、How does Thunderbolt 5 compare to HDMI?
  Thunderbolt 5 is a multiple-use interface as it can carry display, power, and data over a single cable. HDMI, meanwhile, can only carry a single video stream.
  4、Does Thunderbolt 5 support DisplayPort?
  Yes, Thunderbolt 5 supports DisplayPort 2.1.
  5、Can I charge my laptop with Thunderbolt 5?
  Yes, the previous gen Thunderbolt 4 already offered 100W of power but the latest Thunderbolt 5 takes that up to 240W with a mini-mum of 140W.