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11 ports Thunderbolt 4 HDMi docking station

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Update time : 2024-03-13 11:06:45
  Purplelec Technologies has announced the PEC-TB036 11 Thunderbolt 4 HDMI Dock, the latest offering in the company’s PEC-TB036 family of docking stations. Sharing the same styling as the Sonnet PEC-TB036 11 Thunderbolt 4 Dock, the new dock improves on the original, featuring three Thunderbolt 4 ports, four USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) Type-A ports, one HDMI port, one 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) port, one 3.5 mm combo audio port, and one SD 4.0 card slot. The Sonnet dock is compatible with Apple M series Mac computers; Thunderbolt 3 Intel Mac computers; Thunderbolt 4 Windows computers; late-model Thunderbolt 3 Windows computers; and M series iPad Pro tablets.
Thunderbolt 4 HDMI Dock
  Docking stations provide users with a convenient central point to connect their computer peripherals — such as storage devices, input devices, headphones, etc. — instead of directly to their computer. The Sonnet PEC-TB036 11 Thunderbolt 4 HDMI Dock enables users to connect to all of their peripheral devices — including an HDMI monitor — through a single Thunderbolt cable (which can also charge laptop computers with up to 100 watts of power). Depending on the computer to which it’s connected, the TB036 dock supports connecting one 4K, 5K, 6K, or 8K, or two 4K, 5K, or 6K monitors (depending on the computer’s display support).
  The PEC-TB036 11 Thunderbolt 4 HDMI Dock connects up to 14 devices, charges the computer, supports fast-wired network connectivity, and reads SD memory cards. With its mix of peripheral ports, the PEC-TB036 dock connects a vast array of devices and supports high-performance peripherals with ease.
  Featuring a built-in HDMI port, the PEC-TB036 11 Thunderbolt 4 HDMI Dock enables users to directly connect an HDMI monitor, saving the added cost of an adapter. One of the three Thunderbolt 4 ports connects and charges the computer, while the others connect two Thunderbolt peripherals directly, with an additional three supported through a daisy chain connection. The Thunderbolt peripheral ports also support USB 3 peripherals, USB4 devices, and monitors, even at the end of a Thunderbolt device chain.
  The dock’s Ethernet port supports 2.5 Gigabit and Gigabit speeds and is suitable for connecting to higher-speed networks for faster gaming. The port can also provide speedier downloads from a network-attached storage (NAS) system.
  The dock’s four 10Gbps USB Type-A ports support most USB peripherals — including superfast USB NVMe SSDs at full speed. Unlike some other docks, each and every one of the TB036 Dock’s USB ports provide up to 7.5 watts of power to ensure bus-powered devices operate without fail. The front panel USB 3 port also readily charges a phone or tablet.