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Revodok Max 213 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 4 dock

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Update time : 2024-02-19 10:57:02
  With 13 ports, there are features for pretty much everyone, unless you require HDMI ports. Through the Thunderbolt-powered USB-C ports, it is possible to transfer data at 40Gbps. That's a lot of bandwidth. The two USB-A ports on the front are capable of 10Gbps GB, while the two rear ones are capable of 5Gbps. In short, there are plenty of options for USB-C and USB-A connectivity.
  One of the main benefits of these docks is their ability to extend displays. The Revodok Max gives 8K capability, but only for a single monitor up to 30 Hz. If you want a dual screen, then that's limited to 4K at 60 Hz. All of this is pretty standard, although the TS4 does support 6K resolution for a dual monitor setup.
Thunderbolt 4 dock
  The Revodok Max has 13 ports, including Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. A mix of USB-C and USB-A ports enables a range of charging and data connections. 8K is supported through the DisplayPort, but only for a single monitor at 30 Hz. Two monitors can be connected at 4K at 60 Hz. All of this is possible on both Windows and MacOS platforms, with the exception of MacBooks, which only support up to 4K.
  There are no performance issues with this dock. Data transfer is handled like a boss through two Thunderbolt 4 ports supporting a bandwidth of 40Gbps and a collection of USB-A and USB-C ports supporting data transfer up to 10Gbps. For most users, this will be plenty. Charging a laptop at the same time as other devices, including phones, is possible without losing any overall performance. I would have liked to have seen a little more oomph with pass-through power for laptops, but at 90 watts, most laptop users will be fine.
  The Ugreen Revodok Max is a fantastic dock for both Windows and MacOS users. Support for Thunderbolt 4 and an abundance of USB-C and USB-A ports means data can be transferred between devices at the quickest of speeds. Through 13 ports, it is possible to connect a laptop, phone, hard drives, SD cards, and a range of other devices. With the capability of charging multiple devices at once, you can ensure all your tech will stay online.