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How to use OBS capture card

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Update time : 2024-05-20 10:38:10
  1. Download and install OBS1 Studio from the official website
  2. Open OBS and enter automatic configuration
  a. Select Optimize just for recording
  b. Base(Canvas) Resolution = computer resolution
  c. FPS = 60
  d. Apply Settings
  3. Wiring: Nin-tendo Switch (NS) -> Base -> HDMI Cable -> Capture Card -> Computer
  4. Plug in the NS and computer 2
  5. Set up video signal
  a. Click the + button of Source below OBS
  b. Video Capture Device -> Create new -> OK
  c. Device = with USB name
  d. Video Format = Try the default one first, if it doesn’t work, change it. The device I use cannot use YUYV format, other formats will work.
  e. Resolution = computer resolution
  f、Frame Rate = 60 FPS
  h. Right-click on a blank area of the screen and check Enable Preview
  6. Set audio signal
  a. Click the gear button in the lower right corner of "Audio Mixer -> Mic/Aux" under OBS
  b. Advanced Audio Properties
  c. Mic/Aux -> Audio Monitoring -> Monitor Only (mute output)
  d. Close
  e. If this method does not work, add Audio Input Capture to Source, and then use the above steps to set it.
  7. Enlarge the preview screen
  a. Right-click the preview screen
  b. Check "lock preview"
  c. Right-click the preview screen
  d. Preview Scaling -> Canvas
  e. Click View on the menu bar
  f. Uncheck all checked options, including those in Docs
  g. View -> Fullscreen Interface (F11), press F11 to exit full screen
  h. If you need to restore the default interface, click View -> Docs -> Reset UI, and then check the previous option