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How to install the ASUS ROG Hyper M.2 expansion card?

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Update time : 2024-01-25 10:18:57
  ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI motherboard is equipped with a ROG Hyper M.2 expansion card. How to install it? Which interface should it be plugged into? The following describes how to install the ROG Hyper M.2 expansion card.
  There are two M.2 slots inside the expansion card and support PCIe4.0, but only the PCIe 4.0 slot at the bottom of the motherboard can allow both M.2 slots to be used and run on PCIe 4.0. x4 bandwidth. As shown below:
M.2 expansion card
  ASUS ROG Hyper M.2 expansion card installation steps:
  1. Remove the four screws from the back of the expansion card.
  2. Before installing the M.2 hard drive, tear off the protective film on the upper and lower sides of the corresponding position. (Note: Don’t tear it off by mistake, only tear off the surface protective film).
  3. Screw the M.2 stud to the corresponding position of the expansion card.
  4. Install the M.2 hard drive to the corresponding M.2 hard drive interface.
  5. Use M.2 screws to fix the hard drive to the studs.
  6. Secure the screws with the expansion card.
  7. Finally, plug the M.2 into the bottom PCIe 4.0 x16 slot of the motherboard. (The bottom card slot supports x4 mode or x4/x4 mode for ROG HYPER M.2 cards).
  8. After the installation of the new hard disk is completed, the disk must be partitioned before it can be used normally.