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VS2583 broadcast-grade high-definition capture card

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Update time : 2024-05-16 14:21:28
  The VS2583 broadcast-grade high-definition capture card supports HDMI input and HD image capture, and is suitable for conference video, medical image recording, college course recording, and monitoring functions. In addition, it can also be connected to commonly used household 3C products such as Blu-ray players, HD digital video recorders, and next-generation game consoles to perform various functions such as playing or capturing video highlights. One card can meet the needs of both home and professional levels.
high-definition capture card
  Project-level HD1080i high-definition capture and playback
  The VS2583 broadcast-grade high-definition capture card can capture HD1080i high-definition image sources. In addition, it can be connected to PS3, Xbox360, Blu-ray players, HD digital cameras and other devices to transfer clear and sharp images to a computer for playback, or to transfer detailed HD content is stored in your computer.
  HDMI input audio and video synchronization without distortion
  The HDM1 input interface is equipped with a color depth of 4:2:2, which can capture every image without compression. The maximum transmission speed is up to 5Gbps. The captured images are detailed and undistorted, and the screen is perfect and exquisite, meeting the dual needs of precise audio and video and high image quality. Require.
  Complete high-definition image collection
  It has a complete set of input interfaces. In addition to the HDM1 input interface, it also comes with a 9-in-1 audio-visual transmission cable with component terminals, AV terminals and S terminals. Through the component terminal input, you can also directly capture 1080i HD high-definition images, whether you are producing Advertising short films, movie clips, and family life videos are all at your fingertips!
  Supports a variety of video editing software and streaming software
  Supports DirectShow technology and a variety of commonly used video editing software. You can directly use familiar software to operate without having to learn new software to capture videos. At the same time, Windows Media Encoder can be used for network streaming and collection, and multiple PCs can play Liv videos on the network at the same time.