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VS028 Mobile Game Live HDMI Video Capture Card

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Update time : 2024-05-20 10:48:22
  VS028 is an HDMI video capture card, suitable for mobile game live broadcast, camera interview live broadcast and other scenarios. The capture card is equipped with a high-performance combined processing chip to ensure stable operation of the product. It has 1080p/60Hz high-definition visual effects, real-time live broadcast, and says goodbye to delays and lags; it is also compatible with Windows8.1, Windows10, Mac OS, Linux Android and other systems for plug-and-play , suitable for recording software such as OBS/Potplayer.
HDMI video capture card
  Parameter configuration:
  Product name: USB-C audio and video capture card
  Material: ABS+PC
  Input interface: HDMI IN (4K/60Hz)
  Loop out interface: HDMI OUT (1080P/60Hz)
  Capture interface: USB-C (1080P/60Hz)
  Audio input: 3.5mm microphone input
  Audio output: 3.5mm microphone output
  1080p/60Hz HD visual effects
  High-energy nuclear "core", stable and non-delayed
  Intelligent driver-free, multi-system compatible, plug and play
  Fast heat dissipation, ABS+PC shell, wear-resistant and durable