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VS2582 converter realizes HDMI to VGA conversion

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Update time : 2023-12-13 10:48:26
  When we use HDMI high-definition data output, we often need to input these data to different devices. As we all know, the signal output by the HDMI interface is a signal interface for current high-definition signal output. These output devices such as computers, notebooks, high-definition set-top boxes, hard disk players, PS3, Xbox360, tablets, etc. all have HDMI interfaces.
  In actual situation, we need to input the signal to a device with only VGA interface, such as a monitor, LCD TV, and projector with VGA interface. At this time we need an HDMI to VGA converter to convert the data.
HDMI to VGA converter
  PurPlelec VS2582 HDMI to VGA converter is a converter that can convert high-definition video HDMI digital signals into VGA ana-log signals and AUDIO audio signals.
  HDMI input support: 720P, 1080I, 1080P
  VGA output resolution: changes with the input HDMI signal
  640*480@60Hz, 800*600@60Hz, 1024*768@60Hz, 1280*720@60Hz, 1280*768@60Hz, 1280*800@60Hz, 1280*1024@60Hz, 1360*768@60Hz, 1600* 1200@60Hz, 1920*1080@60Hz
  PurPlelec VS2582 HDMI to VGA converter adopts the digital-to-ana-log conversion chip of the global Silicon Image company, which can convert high-definition and high-speed HDMI video signals into ana-log signals, and at the same time decompose the audio, allowing ordinary monitors to experience more the pleasure of high-definition video Life.
HDMI to VGA converter
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