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What is an HDMI capture card? How to use it?

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Update time : 2024-05-29 09:59:37
  HDMI capture card is an expansion hardware that can be installed in a computer using HDMI interface. What is the use of HDMI capture card? It is mainly used to capture audio and video of computers, game consoles (such as PS3/4), optical disc drives, recorders, cameras, mobile phones, monitoring and other devices.
  Currently, capture cards are mainly used in live broadcasting fields such as education and games; some skill education and training, such as Java, PHP, Python and other programming teaching, can capture audio and video while in class, which is convenient for students to review knowledge points and keep them on their own computers for review when needed; some e-sports games can also use capture cards for live broadcasts. The capture card will simultaneously record audio and video into a video, which is convenient for subsequent data analysis, operation analysis, sharing of wonderful moments, etc.; capture cards can also be used on digital TVs, and favorite TV, movies, ball games, etc. can be captured and played locally when you want to watch them; capture cards can also be used for video conferencing. The capture card can save the entire meeting in the form of audio and video, which is convenient for reviewing and supplementing the content of the meeting after the meeting.
HDMI capture card
  HDU7H is a capture card that supports 4K@60Hz YUV4:4:4 resolution. The captured and recorded video can reach 4K@30Hz. It also supports 1 channel 4K local loop display. Here, we take the capture card HDU7H as an example to give you a detailed introduction on how to use the HDMI capture card.
  After connecting the capture card to the computer and other hardware, we start the OBS application on the computer. If you are capturing audio and video, follow these steps: [Add new source] → Select [Video capture device] → [Set screen size] → Select [Studio mode] (dual window) → Click [Start recording]; if you are streaming, follow these steps: [Settings] → [Streaming] → [Service (custom)] → [Fill in the server and streaming key] (fill in the live broadcast URL and streaming key of the current direct platform server to the corresponding spaces of the two items) → Click [OK] → Click [Start streaming] in the lower right corner