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Type-C/USB to HDMI capture card for game live camera

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Update time : 2024-05-27 13:48:44
HDMI capture card
  Two modes of 4K loop-out + video capture
  Restore shadows, textures and other details in the game screen
  2-in-1 interface free switching
  Supports capture and recording of devices with USB and Type-C interfaces. Meet the usage requirements of different interfaces at the same time
  Simultaneous, computer games, screen recording live broadcast
  One computer for gaming and one computer for live streaming and recording. Each performs its duties, and both gaming and live streaming are smooth.
  1080P60Hz is smoother and clearer
  Switch/mobile phone can be connected to the computer, recording while playing, live broadcast online, and witness every wonderful victory
  Game console connection loop-out display screen recording live broadcast
  Switch/PS5 connects to a large screen, the loop-out latency is low, and large-screen games are smoother. You can record while playing and share exciting moments.
  4K high-definition visual effects and 60 frames of delicate pictures
  4K/60Hz HD input/loop out, 1080P60Hz video capture and recording, restore shadows, textures and other details in the picture, making every pixel vivid and flexible
  Widely compatible with a variety of screen recording software
  Potplayer.OBS.wirecast..VMIX.XSplit and other software can be used
  Alloy material dissipates heat quickly
  Alloy shell + heat dissipation yellow fin, can quickly dissipate internal heat