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Type-C to HDMI Multi-function capture card

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Update time : 2024-05-21 15:03:02
  Type-C to HDMI Multi-function capture card, aluminum alloy shell + USB3.1 type-c_ cable length 15CM _Iron gray aluminum shell_ OD4.2MM_ black wire, which is conducive to heat discharge, so that the equipment can operate stably, quickly dissipate heat, and refuse to be hot. Delicate and beautiful, easy to carry。Good compatibility, no need to drive, stable without stuttering. Mobile phones, tablets, PS5, Switches, computers and other devices that support USB Type-C Alt Mode DP 1.4 directly capture and project video, with low loop latency, smoother large screens, and wonderful moments to share while playing,Support PD3.0, you can charge while playing, support 1080P/60Hz HD ring out, 1080P/60Hz video capture and recording, and let you smoothly push streams to major live broadcast rooms. It can be used for live broadcasting, and OBS, Vmix, and Potplayer software can be used to easily collect and record, and truly restore the high-definition picture quality of cameras, camcorders, and cameras, help the conversion of live broadcast rooms, push streaming on multiple platforms, and open a live broadcast feast。
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  1、① 1*TYPE-C upstream port with a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps (and backward compatible with USB3.2/USB3.1/USB3.0/USB2.0). Support Alt Mode DP 1.4, support PD3.0 protocol, can charge upstream computer or mobile phone (power dynamic withholding);
  2、② 1*TYPE-C PD power supply input port, support PD 100W (Max);
  3、③ 1*TYPE-C acquisition upstream port supporting acquisition resolution MAX 1920 ×1080@60Hz. Video format: Support YUV422 and MJPEG format two modes. Supports DP Alt Mode 1.4;
  4、④ 1*USB3.0-A downstream port, maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps, (backward compatible with USB2.0);
  5、⑤ 1*HDMI ring-out downlink port, support maximum resolution refresh rate: 1920 ×1080@60Hz, low ring-out delay, smoother large screen, record while playing, and share wonderful moments together;
capture cardhdmi capture cardhdmi capture card