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Live broadcast capture equipment HDMI audio and video capture card

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Update time : 2024-05-20 10:20:20
  The HDMI audio and video capture card is a portable audio and video live broadcast tool. The capture card captures audio and video signals (such as SLR cameras, camcorders, computers, etc.) through the HDMI input port, and then connects to devices such as mobile phones and computers through the USB-C output port to achieve video live broadcast. Function, widely used in web live broadcast, video conferencing, screen monitoring, distance education and training, transportation charging and other fields.
HDMI audio and video capture card
  Parameter configuration:
  Product name: HDMI audio and video capture card
  Model: VS009
  Input interface: HDMI IN (4K@60Hz)
  Loop out interface: HDMI OUT (4K@60Hz)
  Collection interface: USB-C (1920*1080P)
  Audio output: 3.5mm audio output
  Audio input: 3.5mm microphone input
  Chip: IT9327+IT6805E+GSV2001
  Power supply: no power supply required
  Game live broadcast assistant, mobile phone and computer screen can be live broadcast;
  4k input loop out, 1080P high-definition capture;
  High-performance chip, stable signal without delay, no screen flickering;
  Compatible with many mobile phone and computer systems.