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M.2 dual-protocol hdd enclosure

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Update time : 2023-10-27 11:43:25
  The M.2 dual-protocol hdd enclosure supports both NVMe and SATA protocols, and has strong compatibility. It can be compatible with four hard drive specifications and supports a large capacity of 4TB, so you can save materials of any size you want.
  The M.2 dual-protocol hdd enclosure adopts the USB3.2 Gen2 interface standard, which can transfer 1G files in one second. For example, if you usually need to transfer 10G of office data, it can be transferred in about 10 seconds, saving more time and improving work efficiency. , using chips from major manufacturers, the data transmission is more stable, the loss is lower, and there is no slowdown or lag during use.
  The M.2 dual-protocol hdd enclosure adopts a one-button power switch design. Just press the switch on the fuselage during use, which avoids file loss and damage caused by repeated plugging and unplugging of the hard disk. It can also reduce power consumption and extend the use time.
  The M.2 dual-protocol hard drive enclosure adopts an all-aluminum casing, which can better dissipate heat. Combined with the new generation of full-wrapped multi-sided heat dissipation technology and temperature control technology, the heat dissipation performance is greatly improved. Combined with high thermal conductivity silicone sheets and dual internal and external heat dissipation, while maintaining stable transmission speed, it can also extend the service life of the SSD and make storage safer.
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