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H.265 4K ultra-high-definition encoder

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Update time : 2024-01-05 10:38:09
  4K ultra-high-definition encoder (capture box) is a professional high-definition audio and video encoding product that only requires a small bandwidth to obtain high-definition video signals. This product uses H.265 encoding format and can encode video and audio at the same time. Output TS dual stream design, the output stream resolution of each channel can be set according to different needs. This device has the advantages of high integration and low cost, and can be widely used in various digital TV broadcast systems. Supports 3U structure, one chassis can insert 16 capture cards, dual power supply redundant structure, the system is more stable. Perfectly supports VLC decoding.
4K ultra-high-definition encoder
  (1) Support up to 3860×2160@30HZ, 1920×1080P@60HZ
  (2) Support external ana-log audio input and local loop out
  (3) Fully supports ONVIF protocol and can support NVR recording and broadcasting
  (4) Use standard H265 encoding/H264 encoding
  (5) Audio encoding supports MP3/AAC/G711
  (6) Audio supports left and right channels and volume adjustment
  (7) Code flow control: CBR/VBR code rate control, 16kB/s~12MB/s
  (8) The network interface adopts 1000M full-duplex mode
  (9) Support HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTP, UDP multicast, UDP unicast, FLV, HLS, RTSP push streaming, RTMPS and other protocols (RTMP supports the function of inputting user name and password)
  (10) Output video stream format: TS/VES/AES stream, etc.
  (11) WEB operation interface, Chinese and English configuration interfaces are optional, and the password can be modified
  (12) Support network remote management and upgrade.
  (13) Support mainstream and sub-stream multi-protocol and multi-code stream output
  (14) Supports independent setting of output resolution, which can be enlarged and reduced
  (15) Support local area network LAN and wide area network WAN transmission
  (16) Supports three groups of Chinese, English, and picture OSDs. The font size is adjustable and can be set to any position on the screen.
  (17) Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP
  (18) Support one-click restoration of default settings
  (19) Support multi-brand set-top box decoding