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By PURPLELEC | 15 June 2023 | 0 Comments

HDMI Medical HD Video Recording Acquisition Card

  With the development of modern medical technology, more and more high-tech technologies have begun to be applied to it. Among them, there are occasions where it is necessary to record and save relevant medical videos. So how to record and save these medical video information. Today, the editor recommends two practical high-definition video recording and acquisition boxes--PEC-HD25 and PEC-VS009.
  PEC-HD25--Professional high-definition video recording box, this high-definition recording box can record remotely, and also has the function of scheduled recording, you can set the future time to automatically record. This video input signal supports HDMI high-definition digital signal, component analog video signal and AV video signal, while the video output signal supports HDMI signal. Video resolution supports high-definition video recording up to 1080P. The output can be directly connected to a mobile hard disk, U disk, etc., eliminating the need for copying. Suitable for medical endoscope, set-top box and other occasions.
video recording box
  PEC-VS009--HDMI/SDI high-definition video recording box, this high-definition recording box also has a remote control, which can be used for remote recording. On the input signal, it supports SDI digital signal and HDMI high-definition digital signal, and the video output also supports SDI and HDMI. But the difference here is that the HDMI output can be SDI input video or HDMI input video. But the SDI output can only be the SDI input video! The same resolution support is also up to 1080P, and it can also be directly output to a mobile hard disk or U disk, eliminating the need for copying. It is suitable for high-definition medical endoscopes, industrial high-definition cameras and other occasions.
video recording box

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