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By PURPLELEC | 13 June 2023 | 0 Comments

The Different Kinds of Video Converters For PC

  Friends who are familiar with video recording and transmission know that there are many kinds of video signals, such as: HDMI high-definition video signal, DVI signal (digital and analog), SDI signal, AV analog signal, VGA video signal and component and so on. The technologies used for the signals are not the same, the interfaces used are also different, and the signals supported by various devices are not complete, so there are video converters. It is used to connect different interface devices.
  1. HD-SDI to HDMI converter:
  It is dedicated to converting single-channel high-definition digital component serial interface (HD-SDI and 3G-SDI) signals to HDMI signals. The converter integrates SDI receiver and HDMI modulator, which can easily convert HD-SDI signal to HDMI signal, and at the same time, it will separate and convert the audio signal carried by SDI and embed it into HDMI signal, so as to realize the synchronous transmission of sound and image.
  The input and output resolutions and frame rates are the same, and the highest support is 1080P/60Hz. The output terminal supports the most widely used HDMI1.3 version at present, and is also backward compatible with HDMI1.2 and HDMI1.1 and the following versions. It is mainly aimed at the 24-hour uninterrupted operation environment of the radio and television broadcasting computer room. The scheme emphasizes stability from design to component selection and production process, and can meet the requirements of 7 days * 24 hours operation.
  2. Component to HDMI converter:
  The YPbPr (color difference) signal and AUDIO (L/R) stereo signal are converted into high-definition HDMI audio and video signal output through digital processing, and the clear and vivid picture can be vividly displayed in front of you by using the nine-view direct technology. Devices with only YPbPr output, such as ordinary video cameras, PS2, XBOX, set-top boxes, DVDs, players, etc., can be connected to the HDMI channel of a full HD (1080P) large-screen TV, allowing you to easily enjoy them on a full HD TV HD movies, play games.
video converters
  3. DVI to HDMI converter:
  It is a DVI-D+ audio to HDMI converter with DVI and audio loop output, that is, DVI+ audio to DVI+ audio and HDMI. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the converter, it integrates audio and DVI video into HDMI, and at the same time has DVI The loop output is another masterpiece of Jiushizai converter, with stable performance, compatible models, metal shell, and very good heat dissipation. Products are widely used in large-screen projection display engineering, audio-visual teaching, command and control centers, multimedia conference rooms and so on.
  4. AV to HDMI converter:
  CVBS/AV to HDMI video converter is a converter that converts AV or HDMI to HDMI output; it can convert audio and video signals in 480I (NTSC)/576I (PAL) format to 720P or 1080P high-definition HDMI signals, and can also Input HDMI signal in high-definition format, which can be easily connected to DVD, set-top box, high-definition player, game console (PS2, PS3, PSP, WII, XBOX360, etc.). The product adopts a new generation of low-power digital chip processing, 24-hour uninterrupted work, low heat generation, and stable work.
  5. VGA to HDMI converter:
  The analog-to-digital conversion chip can convert high-definition and high-resolution VGA video signals into high-speed digital signals without any loss. Support 1920*1080 resolution, and audio and video output synchronously, plug in and listen and watch, convenient and practical. It is mainly used in computer PCs, computer notebooks, DVDs, game consoles and other video products with VGA output interfaces that need to be converted into HDMI signals and connected to display devices with HDMI interfaces. Devices with VGA interface can be connected to high-definition display devices such as large-screen TVs and projectors, so as to experience the effect of watching movies on large-screen TVs or projections.

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