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By PURPLELEC | 12 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Purplelec HDMI capture card product features

  There are many capture cards in the Purplelec series of high-definition video capture cards that support HDMI interface input, such as the VS009 high-definition HDMI capture card. This is a high-cost-effective, high-definition, stable quality streaming media capture card with high stability, wide compatibility, multiple support, and the realization of true high-definition 1080P capture.
video capture cards
  [HDMI capture card product features]
  High-speed transmission bandwidth: high-speed PCI-E 1× high-speed interface, its bandwidth transmission speed is more than twice that of the PCI interface slot
  Multiple interface inputs: HDMI, 1080P analog component, DVI, S-Video and composite video input interface
  High cost-effectiveness: independent intellectual property rights, many years of relevant product development experience, mastery of core field technology, reasonable market positioning and price, high performance and low cost have absolute price advantages, reducing product costs for users.
  Stable performance: support for multiple cards in one machine, mature and perfect production management, strict production process, years of technical accumulation and market test make the product very stable, reducing costs for customers' after-sales maintenance.
  The video capture card using HDMI high-definition interface has high-efficiency video and sound acquisition capabilities. High-performance analog video front-end filtering processing capabilities and high-precision audio sampling capabilities have greatly improved the clarity of audio and video acquisition.
  HDMI is widely used in homes, and there are more and more high-definition devices with HDMI output interfaces. Purplelec independently developed and produced HDMI capture cards, HDMI switchers, HDMI video converters, HDMI distributors and other series of products are designed to make your audio and video equipment more convenient, more comfortable, more efficient and more energy-saving.

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