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By PURPLELEC | 15 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the benefits of HDMI 4K video capture card for high-definition video transmission?

  With the continuous upgrading of Internet network bandwidth, people can implement more applications on the Internet, and video applications have become a very important application method in many Internet industries. However, since many high-definition videos often occupy a large amount of network bandwidth and bring great problems to users' network smoothness, it has become the choice of many customers to use video capture card chips to solve the network problems caused by video transmission. What are the benefits of HDMI 4K video capture card for high-definition video transmission?
  1. The benefits of ensuring the smooth flow of online video
  Webcast teleconference is a very common application scenario of network video, but because these application scenarios need to meet the video viewing needs of multiple users at the same time, it is very easy to have unsmooth when transmitting high-definition video images, and Hdmi 4K video capture  card can alleviate the heavy occupation of the network by video data transmission through the high-performance video capture chip, and help the high-definition video transmission to be smoother.
video capture  card
  2. Benefits of reducing data storage space
  In order to solve the problem of high-definition video transmission stuttering, many live video platforms usually use pre-caching to solve the problem. However, due to the huge size of video files, caching often causes the system to run out of storage space. The Hdmi 4K video capture card can take advantage of the fast decoding capability to reduce the demand for storage space during video transmission.
  3. Realize the benefits of high-definition network video
  In order to solve the problem of high network bandwidth occupation in video transmission, in addition to increasing the network bandwidth, the common processing method is to replace high-definition 4K video with smaller streaming video, but in this way, the video picture quality will be greatly affected. Impact. However, with the help of the Hdmi 4K video capture card, the application of high-definition network video can be realized without changing the network bandwidth.
  High-definition video transmission will not only occupy a large amount of network bandwidth, but also affect the storage space of the device, and these two points cannot be ignored by network users. Therefore, many users have begun to use Hdmi 4K video capture cards to deal with these problems, and they have achieved very good results in actual use.

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