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By PURPLELEC | 10 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the important technologies of the HDMI4K video capture card chip solution?

  In the video capture card chip design scheme, special emphasis is placed on the technical nature of the flexible module, because the flexible module technology will directly affect the operability and portability of the scheme, and will also affect its scalability and configurability in the future. There are also certain requirements for structural reorganization. When designing the chip solution, it should be as simple and efficient as possible to ensure that it can complete the corresponding work as soon as possible and improve the manufacturer's production responsiveness. The organization and implementation mechanism of the HDMI 4K video capture card chip solution are also superficial Placement kits offer the possibility for higher levels of integration.
  1. High-speed, high-precision intelligent control technology
  The control technology is the core of the entire video capture card chip, because the component placement speed is affected by the size of the circuit board, the components used and the type of feeder, etc. Therefore, the control technology adopted should comprehensively consider various factors, and optimize the movement of the placement head, so that the total travel time of the entire circuit board is short, so as to achieve the best purpose.
HDMI 4K video capture card
  Due to the strict time requirements of surface mount equipment and the miniaturization of electronic chip pin spacing, the placement of video capture card chip components also needs to be strictly controlled. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of speed, acceleration, vibration, impact and placement force, the placement equipment needs to establish a motion control model and intelligent control strategy aimed at achieving high speed, high precision and efficient vibration reduction. This technology ensures the drive and Motion actuators achieve stable response under high-speed conditions.
  2. Real-time multi-tasking technology for parallel processing
  In view of the high real-time requirements of the computer system for servo control, at the same time, the surface video capture card chip mounting equipment needs to have the ability of multi-task parallel processing, such as multi-task interface, real-time work and online programming.
  Therefore, it is necessary to establish a parallel processing real-time multi-task control model for surface mount equipment. It runs on a real-time multi-task operating system and serves as a platform for implementing chip mount control of surface video capture cards. Its kernel adopts an object-oriented modular approach. Realize the function integration of parallel processing real-time multi-task control.
  The selection and distribution of the nozzles are completed before the placement starts. Since the replacement of the nozzles takes a long time, the required nozzles are selected according to the principle of minimizing the number of nozzle replacements, and the placement is performed according to the relationship between the nozzle head and the nozzle. Influenced by the cycle number, the distribution nozzle achieves the minimization of the placement cycle number.
  At the same time, the HDMI 4K video capture card chip solution‍Surface mount production line uses system integration technology and adopts a complete device communication protocol between devices to make it possible to monitor the entire production line level, that is, to observe the entire production line and optimize production, rather than individually Observe each device. Productivity can be improved when specific information is exchanged among all line equipment.

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