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By PURPLELEC | 17 April 2024 | 0 Comments

two-channel High-definition HDMI+SDI audio and video capture card

  Two-in-one two-channel real-time high-definition HDMI+SDI audio and video capture card, which uses the PCI-E , directly compatible with standard DirectShow software, with a complete SDK secondary development package.
video capture card
  HDMI+SDI dual interface simultaneous collection
  Supports HDMI high-definition video input and SDI high-definition video input, and supports simultaneous capture and recording of two signals. 1920* 1080P video capture and recording, restoring high-definition, uncompressed, delicate images, and lifelike image quality.
  Using standard AV Stream driver
  Compatible with various audio and video capture software using Directshow interface and audio capture software using Directsound interface, you do not need secondary development Xẞ: Windows Media Encoder Adode Flash Media Live Encoder Real Producer Plus Videol AN for Windows.
video capture card
  Professional-grade video processing functions
  It collects high-definition video in its original flavor, without adding or subtracting. It collects the original real video and provides motion-adaptive de-interlacing effect. There will be no tailing phenomenon in the moving picture, making the moving picture clearer.
  Support multiple cards in one machine
  Multiple PCI-E capture cards can be installed on the same computer and work simultaneously to achieve multi-channel live broadcast and capture. It is suitable for a variety of live broadcast scenarios, including video conferencing/game live broadcasts/camera live broadcasts/surgery video live broadcasts and various high-definition video collections, and can be easily handled.

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