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By PURPLELEC | 08 December 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose a live broadcast capture card

  How to choose a live broadcast capture card
  The video capture card is an indispensable device for camera live broadcast. It is a device that transmits camera images to the computer. Some camera models can live broadcast without a capture card through a data cable, but this is not recommended because the picture effect is not as good as that of a professional capture card, and it also consumes a lot of camera performance and can easily lead to unstable heating.
video capture card
  If you use the wrong capture card, no matter how good the camera is, it will not be able to display its original capabilities. Remember these key parameters:
  1. Encoding format vs image quality: mgpeg, nv12, yuy2, rgb32 (increasing from left to right)
  2. Capture resolution vs. image quality: 1080p30, 1080p60, 4k30, 4k60 (increasing from left to right)
  3. Capture bit rate vs. image quality: ranging from 10+mbps to 200+mbps, the higher the better, anything over 100mbps is considered high-end. Sellers generally won’t write this parameter out, or even know what it means.
  4. Color restoration effect. The higher the high-end capture card, the closer the color will be to the original color of the camera. You can compare the clips recorded with the capture card and the clips shot by the camera on the same monitor. The closer the better.
video capture card
  1. Distinguish between capturing 4k and looping out 4k. A true 4k capture card can only capture 4k. Many so-called 4k capture cards on the market can input 4k and loop out 4k, but can only capture 1080p. This is a change of concept. That is to say, the input 4k image is compressed into 1080p image quality capture.
  2. Never use a capture card that only supports the mgpeg encoding format. The image quality is impressive. The output of cameras that can live broadcast without a capture card is generally in this format.
  3. The encoding format, resolution, and frame rate of some low-end capture cards will restrict each other because of limited bandwidth and limited processing capabilities. Some capture cards cannot be used even if they support yuy2. In this encoding format, either the frame rate is reduced to 15, or the resolution is reduced to 480p, and so on. So be sure to check clearly what encoding format supports what resolution and what frame rate.

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