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By PURPLELEC | 08 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Is it better to use a video capture card or a graphics card to live stream games?

  What is the difference between using a video capture card to live stream games and using a graphics card directly to live stream games?
Video capture card
  1. Resolution of live broadcast screen
  Graphics card: The video resolution can only be increased to a high-definition effect of 720P.
  Video capture card: Not only can the video resolution be increased to 1080P high-definition, but it can even be upgraded to ultra-high-definition effects of 2K or 4K resolution. For game live broadcasts, the video picture will be very clear, and even the smallest details can be See clearly.
  2. System resource usage
  Graphics card: When using a PC graphics card to live stream a game, the computer system resources are occupied relatively high, which can easily lead to computer freezes, live broadcast delays, etc., which in turn can cause frame drops in the game screen, directly affecting the final effect of the game live broadcast.
  Video capture card: Using a video capture card to live stream games will not occupy system resources, and there will be no computer freezes, delays, etc. The game screen will not drop frames, and the live video effect will be better.
Video capture card
  3. Requirements for computer hardware configuration
  Graphics card: Only one computer can be used for games and live broadcasts. The CPU and video memory usage is relatively high, so the requirements for computer hardware are very high, and the consumption is also very large. If you are playing large-scale games, the computer hardware configuration is not high enough and it will be difficult to support it. In the end, it is easy for the computer to freeze or even crash. Therefore, if you use a graphics card to live stream games, you need a computer with very high hardware configuration, or a very high graphics card configuration.
  Video capture card: Using a video capture card to live broadcast games can be a dual-computer operation. One computer is used as the game operating computer and the other computer is used as the live broadcast computer. Install the video capture card for live broadcast. The two computers perform their respective duties, reducing the work pressure, there will be no lag, and the game live broadcast will be very smooth.

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