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By PURPLELEC | 08 December 2023 | 0 Comments

4K capture card, a must-have live broadcast equipment for game anchors

  Game live broadcasts can be divided into mobile game live broadcasts, PC game live broadcasts, and console game live broadcasts. For game anchors, live broadcasting of 3A game masterpieces requires relatively high live broadcast equipment. For game anchors such as PS5/XBOX/Switch, firstly owning a game console is a rigid prerequisite for building a game live broadcast room. There is another device that also plays an irreplaceable role in game live streaming, and that is the video capture card.
video capture card
  The workflow of game live broadcast is that the game console outputs a digital signal, which is processed by the computer, and then the computer is used to push the live broadcast. The process of transmitting digital signals to the computer requires a video capture card to "capture" the screen signal and serve as a link between the game console and the computer.
video capture card
  The PurPlelec capture card supports the capture of up to 4K/30Hz images and is backward compatible with 2K/60Hz and 1080P/120Hz. This also means that whether it is a game console such as PS5 or Xbox Series X/S that supports 4K or 2K output, or a Switch that only supports 1080P output, with this capture card, it can achieve the highest specification live broadcast.

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