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By PURPLELEC | 20 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Why is it best to use a capture card in a video conferencing system?

  Why is it best to use a capture card in a video conferencing system, and what is the role of a video capture card in a conferencing system? First of all, we need to understand the principle and application of a video conferencing system.
  Video conferencing system is a communication method that uses TV and telephone to hold conferences between users in two or more locations and transmit sound and images in real time. It can also be attached to the transmission of still images, files, faxes and other signals. People participating in the video conference can express their opinions through TV, observe the other party's image, action, expression, etc. at the same time, and can show real objects, drawings, documents, etc. In this way, people who participate in meetings in different locations feel as if they are having a "face-to-face" conversation with each other, and can effectively replace on-site meetings.
video capture card
  Due to the requirements of the video conferencing system, there is a higher pursuit of the image quality of the video conferencing, because the function of the video capture card is more diverse than that of the USB camera, and now more and more enterprise users are beginning to use the video capture card. It can collect multiple resolution sources ranging from high-definition 720P, 1080i to standard definition 480i/480P, and record into the audio and video formats you need in real time by supporting third-party software based on the Microsoft Directshow framework. Realize remote "zero distance" communication.
  HDMI full-digital high-definition video and audio transmission interface can capture every scene of video without compression. Adopting YUV4:2:28bit color sampling standard, its color resolution is twice that of IEEE interface DV and HDV, and it can show delicate and undistorted color levels and clear picture quality, and the screen is perfect and exquisite.
video capture card
  It has a complete range of input interfaces. In addition to HDMI input, it also includes an audio-visual transmission cable, which can support component terminals, S-terminals and AV terminals. It can also directly capture 1080i high-definition images through the component input, whether it is making commercials, movie clips, or family life videos, it can be handy.
  Therefore, in the current video conferencing system, a high-definition video capture card is also one of the necessary equipment, which can perfectly present users with high-definition and high-quality video conferencing images.

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