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By PURPLELEC | 28 May 2024 | 0 Comments

VGA to HDMI converter

  The VGA to HDMI converter can convert VGA+ analog audio signals into HDMI high-definition digital audio and video signals. The audio and video are synchronized and supports 1920*1080p resolution.
VGA to HDMI converter
  01. Conversion: It can convert the computer's VGA video and R/L audio into a complete HDMI signal
  02. Plug and play, no driver required
  03.HDCO compatible
  04. Mainly used in video products with VGA output interfaces such as computer hosts, computer notebooks, home DVDs, and home game consoles. Can convert the signal source with VGA interface into HDMI signal and output it to the display device
  05. This converter only converts the format of the signal and does not reduce or amplify the input signal. It supports up to 1920X1080, and the input and output are consistent. This product supports multiple resolutions of PC graphics cards and has good compatibility. Features such as high definition.
  Maximum video sampling rate: 165MSPS
  Input video signal level: 0.45~1.1(P-P)
  Input maximum supported resolution: 1920*1080PP@60Hz
  HDMI video bandwidth: 165MHZ
  Support color depth: 24-bit
  Output maximum supported resolution: 1920*1080p@60Hz
  Power adapter specifications: AC (50/60Hz) 100V~240 input, DC5V/1A output
  Maximum operating current: 300mA
  HDMI video output: HDCP compatible

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