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By PURPLELEC | 04 July 2024 | 0 Comments

Video capture card collects and processes VGA signals

  VGA signal acquisition card is a hardware for collecting VGA data. The function of video acquisition card can only convert VGA signal into analog signal through video converter, and then into digital signal through video acquisition card, and then display it on computer. After digital-to-analog conversion and analog-to-digital conversion, the loss of VGA signal is particularly large, and the image data is very poor.
  The process of converting the image into digital image after sampling and quantization and inputting and storing it into frame memory is called acquisition. Since the transmission of image signal requires very high transmission speed, the general transmission interface cannot meet the requirements, so acquisition card is needed. The acquisition card also provides digital I/O function.
  Image can be directly acquired to VGA display memory or host system memory through high-speed PCI bus. In addition, not only can the image be directly acquired to VGA to realize single-screen working mode, but also the scalability of PC memory can be used to realize the continuous acquisition of the required number of sequence images frame by frame, and perform sequence image processing and analysis. If the VGA data of a PC is displayed on another PC and the VGA signal is acquired, the traditional method is to convert the VGA signal into a video signal through the video converter VGA-VIDEO, and then display and acquire it on another PC through the video acquisition card.
  Since the image can be directly acquired to the host memory and the image processing can be directly performed in the memory, the speed of image processing is improved with the continuous improvement of CPU speed, making it possible to process the image in the host memory in parallel and in real time. When the signal input rate of the acquisition card is high, the bandwidth problem between the image acquisition card and the image processing system needs to be considered.
  Compression of images with different resolutions and refresh rates is realized on the basis of professional VGA acquisition cards. The audio and video VGA acquisition card can switch the screen with the sound and support multiple cards on one machine. The card not only provides one VGA signal, but also has two video and one audio signal input, supporting all video acquisition, editing, and live broadcast software.

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