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By PURPLELEC | 25 June 2023 | 0 Comments

USB3.0 HUB transmission speed evaluation

  With its high-speed work efficiency, USB3.0 has become popular and has become a standard configuration in the PC industry. The most common basic accessory related to PC is the HUB that expands the USB interface of PC. For different user needs, Purplelec has launched a variety of USB HUB products, the following is the in-depth evaluation of USB3.0HUB.
  The unpacking chapter of the dual-use U disk & USB HUB set has introduced the appearance design and workmanship details of the product. It should be said that it has a good appearance, is small and portable, and has many applicable scenarios. It corresponds to a digital peripheral, and we are more concerned about it. Its performance, the following test will reveal whether the performance of this product can meet expectations.
  Performance Testing
  The most important indicator of the performance of this kit should be the data transfer rate. Let me introduce the environmental conditions of the USB hub test first. The hardware is a selected Toshiba notebook hard drive, 5400 rpm, 160G, and the hard drive box is an ORICO 2.5-inch USB3.0 hard drive box. The Macbook Air and WIN7 system used by the computer itself have a USB3.0 interface and an SSD hard disk, so that the USB3.0 interface can exert the best performance. The software uses CrystalDiskMark, ATTO Benchmark, and FastCopy for testing.
  The maximum theoretical transmission bandwidth of USB3.0 is as high as 5.0Gbps (640MB/s). Of course, this is also affected by many factors. The hard disk I tested is a mechanical hard disk. It should be much better if you use a solid-state hard disk. Through Crystal Disk Benchmark read and write test we can see that the read speed is 64.23MB/S, the write speed is 64.89MB/S, and the speed is balanced. In the ATTO Benchmark test, the average reading and writing speed is also around 64MB/S.
  Use FastCopy to test the data copy speed. For a 1.38G Warcraft movie, the average speed of copying from the mobile hard disk to the notebook hard disk is 61.4 MB/S. On the contrary, the average speed of copying from the notebook hard disk to the mobile hard disk is 60.6MB/S. Basically, it also shows that the read and write speeds are basically the same.
  The above is the test of reading and writing the mobile hard disk through USB3.0HUB. The mobile hard disk is directly inserted into the USB3.0 interface of the notebook for testing. The reading speed is 64.31MB/S and the writing speed is 65.01MB/S.
  Using ATTO Benchmark to conduct a comparative test, the results are also basically the same, indicating that the performance has not been reduced after passing the transfer of the Xianbang USB3.0HUB hub, and the original performance has been maintained without attenuation.
  The USB3.0HUB hub is a one-to-four interface. Whether there is any difference in the performance of the four interfaces, we also conducted a test on this. After the test, the read and write rates of the four interfaces are basically the same, and they can all reach the highest transmission speed. This should It comes down to the fact that the chip of the product can enable each interface to run at full speed and in a balanced manner under different topologies and channel conditions.

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