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By PURPLELEC | 18 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Does the USB3.0 capture box support XP system?

  To use a USB3.0 capture box, a laptop or desktop computer with a USB3.0 interface is required to perfectly realize the capture of high-definition audio and video. Of course, the USB2.0 interface can also be used, but the USB2.0 interface will cause frame loss due to transmission bandwidth issues.
  USB3.0 currently has native drivers under WIN8, and other operating systems such as WIN7 need to install USB3.0 drivers. Some users use XP system. Tongsan Technology has tested and found that USB3.0 cannot be driven well under XP, and many functions cannot be used. Compatible users should not use USB3.0 video capture boxes under XP.
USB3.0 capture box
  Purplelec USB3.0 series video capture boxes can perfectly support various versions of Windows, including Vista, XP, Windows 7, WIN8, Server 2008, Server2003 and other operating systems. Among them, VS009 and HDU4H driver-free capture boxes are also perfectly compatible with Linux (Kernel version 2.6.38 and above) and OS X (10.8 and above) operating systems.

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