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By PURPLELEC | 05 July 2024 | 0 Comments

Benefits of using an external USB capture card for live streaming on a laptop

  Using an external USB video capture card for laptop live broadcast has the following significant benefits:
USB video capture card
  1. Plug and play and portability: The external USB capture card is designed to be plug and play, without the need to install additional drivers or external power supply. It is very suitable for notebook users because it can be easily connected to the USB interface of the notebook, making it easy to carry and Quickly set up to stream whether at home or on the go.
  2. Compatibility and multi-operating system support: This type of capture card is usually compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, etc., which means that almost all laptops can use them without worrying about system compatibility issues.
  3. High-definition video quality: They can collect high-definition or full high-definition (1080P) or even higher video signals to ensure clear and smooth live broadcast images and improve the audience's viewing experience. For game live streaming, high resolution and high frame rate (such as 1080P@60Hz) are very important.
  4. Diverse functions: In addition to basic video capture, many external USB capture cards also support audio synchronization capture, and some also have HDMI loop-out functions, allowing the anchor to monitor the live broadcast on the second screen while live broadcasting.
  5. Simplify the setup process: Compared with capture cards with built-in PCI-E interfaces, external USB capture cards avoid the trouble of unpacking and disassembling, making it easier and faster to set up the live broadcast environment.
  6. Wide range of applications: Not limited to game live streaming, the external USB capture card is also suitable for a variety of scenarios, including video conferencing, distance education, video production, etc., increasing the flexibility of the device.
  7. Driver-free design: Most modern external USB capture cards support automatic identification and configuration by the system, eliminating the need to manually install drivers, simplifying the user's operation process.
  The external USB video capture card provides notebook users with an efficient, convenient and high-quality live broadcast solution, especially suitable for anchors who pursue live broadcast quality and portability.

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