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By PURPLELEC | 18 May 2023 | 0 Comments

TYPE-C Mobile Phone/Computer Simultaneous Charging Live Video Capture Card Solution

  What is the function of Type-C audio and video capture card?
  It can help professional users and gamers quickly build simple and cost-effective audio and video solutions. News broadcasts, sports competitions, video teaching courses, network videos, etc. can be shared and used on the local computer through HDMI high-definition video signals segmented or recorded as a whole.
  Support a variety of game consoles with HDMI interface; support all kinds of mobile games, major live broadcast platforms; can connect cameras to live broadcast, record the whole screen content, support 1080P high-definition video input and recording; dual computer live broadcast, realize one computer Playing games, a notebook collects game battles, clear picture quality, no freezes, no frame drops, and no power loss!
video capture card
  1 Overview
  The Type-C audio and video capture card has the function of Power Negotiation data packet transparent transmission, the function of switching Data Role, and the function of allowing smart devices to enter ALT MODE through VDM negotiation, and is specially optimized for USB-C compatibility of major mobile phone brands. It is an accessory market solution suitable for charging and transmitting OTG data of various mobile phones at the same time.
  2. Features
  ◇ Support USB PD 2.0, compatible with USB PD 3.0
  ◇ Support QC2.0, compatible with QC3.0
  ◇ PDO and REQUEST negotiation between transparent transmission adapter and smart device (computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  ◇ Automatically convert DR_SWAP to UFP mode
  ◇ Provide peripheral reset control function and provide reset signal for peripherals
  ◇Support PD 5V 9V 12V 15V 20V fast charging, QC 5V 9V 12V
  3. Application
  ◇ USB TYPE-C Audio Adapter
  ◇ USB Type-C HUB
  ◇ USB Type-C live broadcast lavalier microphone solution
  ◇ USB Type-C video capture card solution

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