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By PURPLELEC | 14 November 2023 | 0 Comments

what is type c to usb

  Typec to USB refers to a technology that converts USB interface into Type-C interface. USB is a universal interface standard, and Type-C is a new generation of USB interface. The Type-C interface not only supports data transmission, but also supports high-speed charging and video output.
Type-C interface
  According to different application scenarios and transmission requirements, Type-C to USB also has different classifications:
  Type-CtoUSB-A: Connects laptops and other devices to devices with ordinary USB interfaces, such as keyboards, mice, and flash drives.
  Type-CtoUSB-C: Equivalent to directly using dual Type-C interfaces for connection, used to connect Type-C interface devices.
  Type-CtoUSB3.0: Can connect devices that support USB3.0 protocol, such as high-definition cameras.
  Type-CtoHDMI: Can be connected to a monitor or TV, supporting 2K and 4K resolutions.
  Type-CtoVGA: Can be connected to old monitors or TVs.

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