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By PURPLELEC | 08 October 2023 | 0 Comments

UGREEN CM498 docking station

 UGREEN CM498 docking station provides 3*USB3.0 interface, 1*TF/SD card reader slot, 1*VGA interface, 1*HDMI interface, 1*RJ45 network port, and 1*PD charging port.
Type-C docking station
  The USB3.0 interface can provide a transfer speed of about 500MB/S, which can meet the needs of large file transfer. As for the video interface, the HDMI interface supports the output of 4K/30Hz images, and the VGA interface supports the output of 1080P/60Hz images, and supports the simultaneous use of two video interfaces to achieve multi-screen linkage. The charging port uses the PD3.0 protocol and supports 100W fast charging, which can meet the power supply needs of most thin and light notebooks and even some high-performance notebooks.
  This Type-C docking station provides up to 9 body interfaces, but the overall size is still relatively small. It is more convenient to stuff it into a computer bag when commuting to work or on a business trip. The Type-C cable on the docking station adopts a braided wire body, which obviously improves the durability of the cable. You don’t have to worry about damage when it is bent at multiple angles.
Type-C docking station
  The arrangement of the interfaces on both sides of the docking station is also reasonable enough, with sufficient distance between the interfaces, and it is easy enough to connect various devices and cables. In terms of interface location design, the PD charging port, HDMI video port and network port with relatively low plug-and-pull frequency are located on one side of the docking station, while the USB data port and SD/TF card reader with relatively high plug-and-pull frequency are located on one side of the docking station. The slot is located on the other side of the docking station. This design detail also improves the use experience to a certain extent.

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