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By PURPLELEC | 14 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Multi-channel video conferencing capture card with good stability and compatibility

  With the continuous upgrading of video systems, it is very common for video equipment with different resolutions, formats and interfaces to appear in video engineering. The variety of equipment brings great difficulties to engineering design, making it difficult to accurately predict project risks and costs. For example, in a video conferencing project, video signals of different formats and interfaces (such as CVBS, VGA, YPbPr, RGBHV, HDMI, DVI, etc.) appear due to the use of video equipment from different manufacturers, and the video signals do not comply with the same standards, which makes the signal compatibility of the system very difficult.
streaming media capture card
  In modern multimedia conference rooms, in order to meet the needs of different demonstration occasions, there are usually a variety of different audio and video signal sources and display terminals. Although these audio and Video signal sources and display terminals may also have Composite Video, super video (S-Video), Component video (component-video) and even digital video (DVI, SDI) interfaces, However, at present, composite video interface is widely used in multimedia video conferencing, mainly for the following reasons: composite video has good stability, compatibility and versatility, small transmission bandwidth, and long transmission distance.
  The requirements for equipment and transmission cables are not high, the signal source is rich, and the main equipment output in composite video format is: cameras, physical booths, cable TV demodulators, remote video conferencing, tape recorders, DVD disc drivers, etc., and the investment in embedded cables is low.
  Although super video (S-Video) is significantly better than composite video in terms of reducing brightness loss and brightness/chrominance crosstalk, it cannot achieve a very obvious difference for the current common LCD projectors and DLP projectors, and the investment in embedded cables is twice that of composite video, so it is not widely used in engineering long-distance transmission.
  Component video in the signal format level has been significantly higher than composite video or super video, but at present in the conference room is mostly for computer display (VGA or RGBHV signal format) services, equipment and transmission cable requirements are high (depending on the expected design standards and investment budget), embedded cable investment is high.
  Similar to Y,R-Y,B-Y, Y,Cr,Cb component video signals are currently mainly used in the radio and television industry, and will gradually transition to SDI or HD-SDI digital signal format, due to signal sources and budget constraints, the conference room is not used much. Due to the limitation of effective transmission distance (about 5 meters), DVI signal is not widely used at present.
  Therefore, in the network video conference capture card, the video conference capture card that supports composite video signal is still the most stable and cost-effective product in the current application, Purplelec HD video conference streaming media capture card, which supports a variety of video signal sources, is the most cost-effective product in the SD to HD transition stage.
streaming media capture card
  Purplelec HD network video conferencing streaming media capture card, support CVBS composite video image signal source, multimedia video conferencing system has developed very rapidly in recent years, more and more enterprises have begun to get involved in this field, many domestic enterprises have begun to choose to build video conferencing system, For example, the domestic Beijing network movement, century Sunflower, see high, Golden Tiger, Warping, etc., have already had a scale. Purplelec has good cooperation with these manufacturers, and the current video capture card can be compatible with its video conferencing software. Purplelec HD network video Conference streaming media capture card supports most of the domestic video conference software, video surveillance software, P2P capture terminal software, live broadcast software, such as: Shanghai Warping AVCON video conference system, Beijing Weisun V2 Conference video conference, network motion, Sequoia tree and other well-known brand video software.

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