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By PURPLELEC | 16 June 2023 | 0 Comments

USB3.0 high-definition sdi video capture card for live broadcast and video conferencing

  We all need capture cards for live broadcast and video conferencing, why? Because the high-definition video stream information of the camera is quite large, it needs to be processed before it can be transmitted to the Internet. The advantage of the USB video capture card is that it is convenient and flexible to use. You can take it with you wherever you go and connect it to a notebook with the USB interface to carry out video conferences and live video broadcasts, which greatly facilitates our work.
  That being the case, how do we choose a usb video capture card? First understand what the interface of your camera looks like. If it is an SDI interface, then it can be used with an SDI capture card.
SDI video capture card
  This SDI video capture card comes with a USB3.0 high-speed transmission interface, which complies with the standard UVC (USB video class) video capture specification and UAC (USB audio class) audio capture specification, and the output color space supports YUY2. An external SDI capture card that is very suitable for live video and video conferencing.
  It directly transmits uncompressed pictures and videos to the computer for collection through the USB3.0 interface, and then edits the collected images through software. Because of uncompressed transmission, uncompressed AVI can be directly used for recording, and high-definition video can also be used with third-party software. And it supports video shooting up to 1080P@60. Enjoy live streaming with ease.
  In addition, this SDI video capture card is a real capture card without driver installation, which greatly simplifies the cost of learning and installation in many aspects. Therefore, as long as you can plug in the USB interface, you will definitely use this SDI capture card. At the same time, this SDI capture card takes power directly from the USB interface, with ultra-low power consumption, eliminating the need for external power adapters to entangle various power cords, making video capture easy and simple.

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