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Solution to SD card failure to format

  Solution to SD card failure to format
  Method 1: 1. Click Start - Run - Enter cmd - format f: /fs: FAT32 (here f: refers to the drive letter of the U disk); 2. Open the Control Panel - Management Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management - Find the U disk The drive letter where the disk is located - right click - Delete disk partition (this option is gray and cannot be selected) - Create a new disk partition - After completing the disk partition according to the prompts, you can format the U disk.
  Method 2: Download the USBoot tool (this tool is very classic and can be found on the general ghost system disk), format it using the HDD method, and follow the prompts to unplug and insert the USB disk, and finally complete the creation of the boot disk.
  At this time, you can double-click the drive letter to be prompted whether formatting is required. Then click "Yes", and finally see the long-lost formatting window, select FAT format, everything goes smoothly. After completion, the USB flash drive can be used normally again without loss of capacity.
  Method 3: Use the SD card repair tool. This tool is simple to use, but it must be a genuine memory card. It is also recommended to use a card reader to insert the memory card and then run the software to format and repair it.
  Method 4: Use a card reader to connect the memory card to the computer, enter chkdsk x: /r when starting the operation, x is the drive letter of your memory card, press Enter to try. If the card is still stuck, it is recommended that you borrow a memory card from a friend around you and try it out. If other people's memory cards work smoothly, there is a 80% chance that there is something wrong with your memory card. If you don’t understand, ask. If it keeps stopping at 0%, it means that the card reader is damaged. It can be said that your memory card has a hardware failure, because chkdsk can play a "soft repair" role. Hardware failure basically means there is no way to save it.
SD card
  Method 5: Create a new partition table
  1. Connect the memory card to the computer, right-click My Computer - Manage - Computer Management.
  2. Click Disk Management under Storage on the left and confirm the disk information displayed on the memory card, such as Disk 1, etc.
  3. Right-click disk 1 - create a new partition, select fat32, and the system will prompt that the creation is successful.
  4. Finally, format the memory card.
  Method 6: Crush system files
  Use the file shredding tool of Rising or 360 Security Guard (of course other file shredding can also be done) to shred the system under mmc. Then the formatting can be completed normally.
  Method 7: Delete system files
  By deleting the system file. There must be a strange file that cannot be deleted. Select this file, rename it (the first thing is to change the suffix to txt, rar, mp3, etc.), delete this unfamiliar file, and try to format it again.
  Method 8: Delete auto files
  Insert the memory card, double-click My Computer, then press alt+t to select Folder Options--View--Find (Show all files and folders) and select! Then click in front of Find (Hide protected operating system files) √Remove! Then click Apply and OK! At this time, right-click the memory card to open it; delete all the auto files you find and that's it. Then safely delete the memory card and insert it again to double-click to open it.
  Method 9: Format the memory card using a formatting tool
  Use a memory card formatting tool to perform formatting. There are such tools online.
  However, exceptions are not excluded. Some memory card cannot be formatted and the problem cannot be solved through the above operations. In this case, the possibility of damage to the memory card is not ruled out, if the memory card is still within the warranty period.

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