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By PURPLELEC | 02 January 2024 | 0 Comments

CameraLink interface smart image capture card

  The German SiliconSoftware company focuses on the design and production of intelligent image capture cards with image processing functions. SiliconSoftware's CameraLink interface image capture card uses the PCI-E×4/PCI-E×8 bus and supports the 2nd generation dual-band bus. Different from the onboard pre-processing function of ordinary image cards, it allows users to decide the image processing algorithm executed in the onboard FPGA. With the help of the Visual Applet visual development tool, users can embed processing algorithms into the MicroEnable image card without having FPGA programming experience, thereby effectively reducing the visual system's dependence on PC performance.

image capture cards

  • Can connect any 2 CameraLink standard cameras

  • PCIe x4 Gen2.0 or PCIe x8 Gen2.0

  • Extensive support for third-party software ports

  • Can be used in many industries

  •PoCL power supply

  • VisualApplets supporting Xilinx Kintex FPGA can be used to customize the FPG process

  • Supports professional, high-quality color

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