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By PURPLELEC | 02 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Types of image capture cards

  An image capture card is an image device that imports the signals captured by ana-log devices such as cameras, surveillance cameras, traditional video recorders, cameras, mobile phones, and DVD players into a computer for storage. It can completely save the image signals and cooperate with the corresponding software. , control the high-quality resolution of images, and compress data and files to ensure that data and videos can be saved for a long time, making work and life convenient.
  The image acquisition card is actually an interface in the process of image acquisition and processing. Image signal transmission requires a very high speed. The transmission speed of the traditional interface is relatively slow and cannot meet this requirement, so there is a need for image acquisition card applications. The frame grabber can also capture video information, allowing video and audio to be recorded, saved, and played at the same time.
image acquisition card
  Image capture card type:
  1. According to the video signal source, there are two types: analog capture card and digital capture card.
  2. According to the installation link method, there are two types: built-in board and external capture card.
  3. According to the video compression method, there are two types: hard compression and soft compression.
  4. According to the video signal input and output interface, there are five types of capture cards: 1394 capture card, DVI/VGA video capture card, USB capture card, PCI video card, and HDMI capture card.
  5. According to performance, there are computer video cards, notebook capture cards, image capture cards, VCD cards, TV cards, streaming media capture cards, non-linear editing cards, DV capture cards, high-definition capture cards, surveillance capture cards, DVR cards, Multi-screen cards, component capture cards, etc.

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