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By PURPLELEC | 07 October 2023 | 0 Comments

How to use HDMI splitter

  1. HDMI splitter
  The structure of an HDMI splitter is usually composed of two, four or even more HDMI output ports and INPUT interfaces. Before use, you should use the standard HDMI cable to connect the INPUT, and one of the output ports is connected to the local display, and the other is connected to the remote display device.
HDMI splitter
  2. Specific steps
  1. Connect the input port of the switch to the HDMI signal source through an HDMI cable;
  2. Connect the output port of the switch to the HDMI display device through an HDMI cable;
  3. Connect the 5V power supply to the 4x1 HDMI;
  4. Use the infrared remote control switcher to freely switch the four signal sources;
  5. You can also use the RS-232 control system to freely switch the four signal sources.

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