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By PURPLELEC | 30 June 2023 | 0 Comments

How to solve the ghosting problem of HDMI splitter

  An HDMI splitter is a control device that distributes high-definition signals to multiple display devices or projection display systems. It is a device in the form of an interface that exclusively distributes HDMI signals.
  The HDMI series splitter is an HDMI splitter with multi-port output. The input HDMI signal can be distributed into multiple consistent and synchronous HDMI output. And it has signal buffering and amplification capabilities.
  Therefore, for the input HDMI signal, long-distance transmission (extension) over 15 meters can be achieved by connecting multiple splitters in series; users can also increase the number of HDMI output ports by stacking multiple splitters.
  HDMI series splitters are only used in HDTV, digital set-top box, DVD, projector test, retail, display; data center control; information distribution; conference room demonstration; teaching environment and training places have restrictions on noise, transmission distance and safety required fields.

  What should I do if there is a ghosting phenomenon after the HDMI splitter is connected, we first need to know what is the reason for the ghosting phenomenon after the HDMI splitter is connected? The HDMI output is an analog signal. When the HDMI cable is not well matched with the HDMI interface, echoes may be generated in the line, resulting in ghosting on the display device.
  What should I do if there is ghosting after connecting the HDMI splitter? There are several ways to solve it:
  1. One HDMI interface is only connected to one display device (including a projector), do not use one-to-two HDMI cables;
  2. The HDMI cable should not be too long. Generally, it is not a big problem within 15 meters, or adjust the length to reduce the echo;
  3. If you want to bring multiple display devices, you can use an HDMI splitter to connect other devices from the splitter;
  4. Select a good quality HDMI cable and ensure good contact with the interface;
  5. If ghosting still exists, replace the graphics card or host computer.

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