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By PURPLELEC | 16 May 2023 | 0 Comments

HDMI Splitter Introduction

  With the diversification of various electronic applications, users' demand for host data protection solutions is also increasing. The innovative development of HDIM has filled the gap of HDS in host data protection. As a new software product, it has unique technological innovation and clear positioning in data protection.
  The HDMI splitter is an HDMI splitter with multi-port output. Its input signal can be distributed into multiple consistent and synchronous signal outputs. And it has the ability of signal buffering and amplification, so for the input signal, the long-distance transmission of more than 15 meters can be realized by connecting multiple distributors in series; users can also improve the HDMI output port by stacking multiple distributors. quantity. It is used in various scenarios such as TV malls, exhibitions, and multimedia teaching to realize the sharing of multiple video images.
HDMI splitter
  Then we will introduce HDMI splitters from different angles.
  The HDMI splitter supports higher resolution, ensuring smooth viewing and undistorted transmission; the painted shell and gold-plated interface are anti-interference, not easy to rust, enhance the stability of signal transmission, and ensure that the transmission quality is not damaged; equipped with 5V1A power supply provides strong power.
  The HDMI screen splitter is a device that can synthesize multiple video signals into one output and input them to a monitor, so that multiple screens can be displayed on a single screen at the same time. A good-quality multi-screen splitter also has a single-channel playback function, which can select any one of the multi-channel video signals recorded at the same time and display it on the monitor in full screen. It can be specially used in occasions that need to display multiple high-definition video images. It is specially designed for large and medium-sized monitoring, dispatching, and command centers. It is mostly used in command centers, video conferences, and multimedia multi-function halls. Provide a Set of Ideal Video Display Solutions
  The HDMI network cable extender can ensure long-distance signal transmission without attenuation.
  The HDMI to DVI high-definition cable realizes two-wire conversion, one line is multi-purpose, supports high-definition picture quality, and makes the picture vivid and visualized.
  It has become normal to use multiple video devices at the same time, switch them, use them at a distance or switch them in daily life. In order to solve these problems, related peripheral devices are often involved. You only need to understand their differences and choose the corresponding one according to your actual needs. The corresponding equipment is enough.
  The HDMI splitter brings more convenience and variety to our life. Through the HDMI splitter chip solution, we can master some simple knowledge in order to choose a suitable splitter, improve the transmission speed, achieve the ideal picture effect and enhance the audio-visual experience, so that Life meets technology.

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